Naturopathic consultations

Bernadette is a qualified naturopath with over 20 years experience in that field. She is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).

During your first consultation with her, your medical history is discussed and an Iridology reading is done to check fundamental weaknesses and organ toxicity. Then Bernadette uses Kinesiology (muscle testing) to work out a priority treatment.

Depending on the outcome of the muscle testing, she will prescribe herbal mixtures or homeopathic remedies to start the treatment. Bernadette also uses Kinetic Energen patches to balance the body to its optimal electrical frequency and counteract the effects of parasites, bacteria etc.

Each session ends with a Crystal Heart Reiki healing to balance chakras and meridians and bring the body to optimal wellbeing.

During following sessions, Bernadette reassesses your needs and fine tunes the appropriate remedies to keep detoxifying safely and then repairing any tissue damage. If appropriate, Bernadette will also use sound, through tuning forks to bring the body to a higher resonance.

Bernadette has now semi-retired but still looks after 2,800 patients. Her books are now closed and she does not take any more new patients so she can give quality time to her existing patients.

Financial investment:

  • Initial Consultation of 1 hour: $115 plus remedies
  • Follow up Consultation of 1/2 hour: $75 plus remedies
  • Children under 12 years: $60 plus remedies
  • Health fund rebates are available.

Consultation hours:

Thursdays only

Consultation location & contact:

14 Mt. Pleasant Rd, Monbulk  Vic  3793